Dear colleagues.

We would like to inform you that Usethics has suspended its operations for an indefinite time due to the political and economic situation.

We plan to resume our activities after normalization of the humanitarian and geopolitical situation and restoration of peace.


We can do anything, aside from coding, as it relates to user experience and user interface design.
Not sure what service is best for you? Feel free to email us at We are always happy to help.
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what we do
See how we help clients improve their digital products.
User Experience Research
We test your product on actual users from Russia, and abroad, to gain insights for further improvements.
Navigation and Menu Design
We research mental models of your users and propose the best navigation paths and menu structure.
UX-UI Design
We build wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes that can be passed directly to your development team.
Competitor Analysis
We uncover strengths and areas of growth potential to help your product excel within the market.
popular services
Usability testing
We observe how users interact with your product, identify key issues, and share recommendations.

Rapid iterative testing and evaluation
We quickly discard non-optimal solutions through iterative designing, prototyping, and user test...

Customer Journey Mapping
We uncover key blockers, enablers, and areas for improvement.

Best practices research
We provide actionable recommendations to improve your product.

We develop high-level concepts of your product interface that align with your goals, objectives,...

Unmoderated remote usability testing
We quickly pinpoint key issues with your product, based on feedback from a wide variety of users...

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