Interaction scenarios
We explore a multitude of possible scenarios of user interaction with the product to see what steps their journey involves, what helps them reach their goal and check if there are any mishaps.
more about Interaction scenarios
Working on possible scenarios helps us understand customers better and explain in detail how they interact with the product, which helps to design an interface that fits usual behavioural patterns of users, leading them to their goal with minimum effort.
We describe target characters, identify their goals and write scenarios which tell us how a person goes through the process in order to accomplish a goal, what their information needs are and their questions at different stages in the journey.
timing and result
2-4 weeks.

A map presenting interaction with the product in each screen and block of the interface highlighting what helps users move on to the next step and issues they come up against
Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, terminals, ATMs, POS terminals.