Concept testing
We identify the merits and flaws of the interface concept to ensure that it won’t fall flat when it’s released to the market.
more about Concept testing
Concept testing is a way to validate that your concept or idea will be a success, see its problem areas and make modifications at an early stage, while it still takes less time and resources than at later stages.
We design a prototype that conveys the fundamentals of the product. We user test it to see if it resonates with your target audience. When a product has a current version, we involve its users in the concept study as well. We analyse the product-market fit of the strategy and give recommendations.
timing and result
2−4 weeks.

An evaluation of the product-market fit of the interface, a report on issues and effective solutions, suggestions for improvement.
Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, terminals, ATMs, POS-terminals.