Comparative usability testing
Evaluate the product against its analogues, compare and contrast several versions or prototypes of the same interface.
more about Comparative usability testing
Such comparison helps to reveal the weak points of an interface as well as its advantages over similar products, it also identifies the best solutions of your competitors’ which we need to take on board when designing the product.
Participants perform similar user tasks in compared products or versions in our lab. The success of each task in different products/versions is then analysed to define problem areas and best solutions. Suggestions for improvement.
timing and result
3-4 weeks. One project may include up to three products to compare. A report with the results for each product assessed by usability criteria. A list of the best solutions drawn from the comparison. A list of disadvantages of the target product and recommendations.
Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, terminals, ATMs, POS terminals.