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Usability testing
We conduct tests on mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs and ATMs.

Our experts study an interface and prepare a list of hypothesis. On the basis of them they make a list of tasks that simulate typical user tasks in an interface. We ask respondents from the target audience to perform these tasks. We record the process and results. You can observe the testing from our office, or via the Internet.

It is possible to test not only websites and software for desktops, but also mobile apps and websites, ATMs, access points and smart-TV (e.g. together with our partners from UX Fellows we tesred user expectations for control gestures for smart-TV for users from 18 countries).

Besides that, it is often important to reduce the impact of the unfamiliar environment on the testing results. So we sometimes conduct tests not in our labs but at users' home or work. The researchers can see how the product is used in natural conditions, and the users feels more comfortable and confident.
Report containing the analyzis results: interface assessment, problems, recommendations.
3-4 weeks.
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