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Comparative usability testing
It is natural to compare your own products with the competitors. Comparative study may be used to evaluate the product against the analogs, or to compare and contrast several versions of the same interface.

A comparison helps to reveal points of an interface and high severity problems as well as the strengths of the solutions that are better utilized.

We create a list of user tasks that are performed in compared products. During the test, respondents go through the tasks in the lab. The results of different products are then analyzed.

Another variation of a comparative test is a current product vs. new prototype analysis. Such an analysis provides with the last chance to reveal the problems in prototype and solve them early. Starting from this point the expenses for changes will increase exponentially.
A consolidated report with the results for each product assessed by usability criteria. A list of the best solutions from the scope of the comparison. A list of disadvantages of target product and recommendations.
3-4 weeks depending on the number of the products to compare. One project may include up to three products to compare.
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