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Navigation design
A structure of product pages or screens and navigation design that would help users to find what they need.

Information architecture is a method for designing the structure of a product. We collect a list of contect objects and product functions and then organize it, usually in an iterative manner. A preliminary navigation menu is created for each variant of an information structure.

A card corting is another way for creating the navigation panel. Each function or content object is represented by a card. These cards are sorted and organized by our respondents to reveal the combination patterns and navigation structure that seems natural for them.

Navigation testing helps to understand how easy it is to navigate the product, how intuitive the menu elements are, how difficult it is for the user to get the information or service they want. It additionally shows whether the real navigation structure matches with the expectations of the audience or not.
During the test, we ask respondents to find given sections, information or functions in the product or a prototype.
Outline of screens or pages, usually with specific pointers where should content or features go.
3-4 weeks.
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