Corporate training
Success of organisation lies in competence of its people. We know a thing or two about design and interfaces and willing to share.
Our main expert will come to your place and provide your people with distilled knowledge and focus by means of simple presentation and complex exercise.
Training course in focused on enterprise and other complex UIs, where the design goals are the productivity and lack of friction. Conversion rate, SEO, landing pages and selling/shopping are not even mentioned. Instead, course delivers the following skills:
  • Setting project design-related goals
  • Finding actionable ways to improve quality of UI
  • Active attitude to improving UI.
In order to save valuable time of participants training is very short (just 2 training sessions 4 hours each, with empty day in-between for homework). To shorten time participants are encouraged to read the freely available book by course author (in Russian) which covers some valuable and related themes.

Current course is a result of long and fruitful evolution. It was originally developed for the Tekama training company at 2006, since then it was taught dozen of times (for Tekama, Croc, Lamoda, 1C, Mango Telecom and other companies). After every session the course was improved thanks to feedback from participants. Now it's 3 times shorter and countless times more informative and actionable.

The training course is only available at customer's premises. You have to provide participants (up to 15 people), tables and a flipboard. The bulk of training materials (paper, markers, printouts) are on us.

After completion of training, every participant gets a signed certificate.
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